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Designing clever robots is our bread, but empowering businesses to grow is our butter. And making lives better—that’s simply the icing on top.

"We’re here to address and improve the inefficiencies present in F&B industry."

“By harnessing robotics, automation, and the IoT (Internet of Things), we’re revolutionizing business operations. Repetitive and hazardous tasks can now be efficiently automated, resulting in increased speed and consistency. It’s a smarter approach”

“There’s so much inefficiency in F&B—we’re here to fix that.”

Niles Toh

Niles Toh

Founder & CEO of Super Tomato

“Accelerating progress in AI and automation is creating opportunities for businesses, the economy, and society.”
— Mckinsey & Company, 1 June 2018

Designed and built
with love in Singapore.

Crafted by experts in robotics
and automation.

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We’re located at 8 Burn Rd, #12-09 Trivex,
Singapore 369977.

Niles Toh
Founder & CEO

Niles is a digital entrepreneur and business growth architect. He founded FoodRazor—an invoice management tool and food cost intelligence platform that helps restauranteurs simplify manual, time-consuming tasks—which grew across 10 countries in the span of 3 years.

SuperTomato is next.

Yee Ling
Tech Lead

Leading the product development and high-level system design of SuperTomato’s clever technology comes naturally for Yee Ling.

Previously part of Transforma Robotics’ trailblazing team and winner of the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council Award 2019 International Grand Prize.

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